Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Langkawi escape ^_^

Last weekend, we had so much fun in Langkawi. We, Yes we! Me and my dear Kak Mala. Plan keep changing and finally only we both went there, with help from my bestie and his frens. Thank GOd I have such a great friend who always be there when i need them.=)

We take the first ferry to Langkawi at 8.15 am. Is it really the first ferry? hehe. And arrived there about 9.30 am.
Once we met our 'tourist  guide', we told them that our first aim is to shopping. tadaa!!! Yes we really did shopping. ALOT!
But before that, breakfast first. Thats important! hehe.
And then, we started our mission. Be in Haji Ismal Group for about 2 hours and we came out with tons of plastic bags. Hahahah..very great price though that cant be resist. erghhh!

After that, my fren drop by from his kursus and we are having our lunch. Only at McD. But its ok. It still great having them along.=)
We just drop by to cable car place, not even want to ride it because we are out of time. So heading back to Kuah for another shopping escape. =)It is far enough from cable car heading back to Kuah. Patiently wait in the car.=))

Then have some drinks before taking our ferry back home.

lets take a glance to our great memories.=)


jetty langkawi

quay that makes me miss wellington

tempat cable car

sampai putus kasut aku bershopping

muka kepenatan

masih mampu tersenyum


MaLa YuSoF said...

Best!! Jgn serik ek, next time kite p lg....:-)

MaLa YuSoF said...

Eh tp xde gambar shoping pun.... hehe...

shezz said...

gmbr tu kn ada kt fb..lupa nk ambek..hehe

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