Friday, April 25, 2008


i am a feelingless person for this moment...u can juz tell me everything n i will have any feeling to it..maybe~
dis morning..i got a bad news..but i didn't cry or sad..i just be cool...n sumtimes..i feel like laughing..i'm going crazee..i don't have to worried about my feeling anymore..i wont be sad...i juz want to be happy..forever~

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

::stiLL hOliDAy mOdE::

afTEr a WeEK Of jaLAN-JaLAn..AnotHEr wEek of HOliday is For uS tO staRt sTdy fOr cOmiNG teSt..Math113 N maTH 114..i FEel so BorED stAyinG aT hOMe..iN mY loNeLy rOom..i HavE nO moOd tO sTudY eVeN i ThinK dAt i Must sTArt strUgGle beCAuse i HAve nO idEa aBouT wUt matH 114 Is...hUhuHU..soMeoNe pLz heLp mE...

fOr thEse Few dAyz StaYing aT hOme wIthOuT dOIng AnyThing exCepT eAting,SleepINg And YminG + wAtcHing MovieS..iThiNk iM gEttIng biGger..aNd biGger..hUHuHu...i DuNno wUt tO dO..i HavE nO idEa on WUt sHoulD i dO...ShouLd i gO oUt??HUuh~ Im NoT inTeresTed in DOing aNythIng AloNE...But YeT..ThiS evEninG..i WenT tO KeLbuRN CAmpus(mY cAmpUS) tO stUdY..beCAuse i rEallY neEd to Stdy...HUhu..yeS~ I maNAgeD to FInisH cHaptEr 1 n 2..YeyEyE..heHEhEh..
JusT rEaLLy pRAy i WiLL bE So hArdWorKing AfTeR dIs..BuT of cOZ nOt tO be geek...HAhAhahHAhA...
I muSt ENjOY mYseLf too~

Sunday, April 20, 2008


::together at KARORI PARK::

::still together::

::not alone~::

::we love each other::

mid sem has been gone for a week..n there is another week of holiday to go..huhuhu...and there is a lot of homework to well as preparation for next test..huhuhu...i hate tests..huhu..but i really enjoy this holiday..even we r not going anywhere dat so interesting..but we still enjoy ourselves..with the family of victoria..we love each other...we make everything happening...n happiness always with us..


we LOVE each other
we CARE about each other

HAPPINESS always with US::

Friday, April 18, 2008


im in new zealand now..going tru hard dayz here..with my besties...all seems so good here..with them...but yet..i still miss my old fren..all my smkd frenz and ppou buddies..frenz is alwayz gimme "he" said to is the time to enjoy urself..n now..i am enjoying my self here...

i am happy....weeee

new user~

~nurul n me~ new here~
credit to nurul for creating my blog...wink*
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