Monday, April 30, 2012

a walk to remember.

one day,
we met.
we talk.
we smile.
we laugh.
we walk together.
we compliment each other.
we complain about each other.
we hate.
we love.
i feel bad, u always there.
u feel sad, i'll be by your side.
we spent our times together.
we went for window shopping.
we have our lunch together.
we laughed again.
we had movie day.
we followed dramas.
we commented on those actresses and actors.
we talked bout them.
we had a very long night gossiping bout everyone.

there are times,
we shared our problems.
we cried together.

we had everything together.
from the day we met until now.
even we have no more time to spend,
we still remember each other.
we still keep missing each other.
that is what a friend for.
being there forever.
not a must staying together.
but in heart stays forever.

there is a day we don't really want it to come around.
a day when everything done.
a day when we need to be away.
a day when we need to say goodbye.
it is hard for me to say that.
And I won't say that.
because i know, i will never say goodbye to my friends.
because i know, once we are friends, we are friends forever.

all the best in the future. hope everyone will be great teachers. =)

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