Thursday, April 19, 2012

bad feeling

just dont feel good this few days.
so I try my best to enjoy myself with people around me.
and also with things around me.

read through this novel makes me wanna cry.
how great to have a great husband walaupun dengan tiba2..
but Im not that strong enaf to fight for my marriage if I was the person chosen to face those problems.
who knows right...
"you will never know how strong you are, until be strong is the only solution you have."
great words that gimme strength to face this world all this while.

great novel to read.
and give a lot of advice too..for me and for u.
pasal details review bout this novel, u should read it at the back of the novel,
find it yourself at book store..hehe..

p/s: andai jodoh itu milik kita. hmmm
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