Monday, August 22, 2011

weekend Penang escape

Penang escape in less than 1 hour.
The story begin.
My mum did called a nite before telling me that my brother in UPNM got overnight outing, so as my dad have hotel voucher or wutever that give us a free night stay with buka puasa buffet for 6 person, they decided to spend their weekend in Penang. However, I really feel bad coz I got school on Saturday, which means I can't join them enjoy the weekend.
That nite I looked for any flght ticket that can fit with my time as I will be back from school at about 10 am. But, there is nothing. So, I have no hope.

Next morning, Saturday. Morning, at school, my brother called me talk about something that not related to this weekend gathering. Then, I called my mum. Talk and talk. Then she said that she will make caramel pudding for my brother as he asked for it.
Owh! This is not good. I want it too!
Then, what else?
My heart fly away. No longer at school. Keep looking at the watch, waiting for the time for going home. 10.00 am sharp! Engine start, and I drove home. Switch on my laptop. I told Fiqs that I'll try to find a way to go to Penang too. Asked her about flight to KL from JB about this time, then I want to take the bus with my brother to Penang. NO! There's no flight.
I was so frustrated. I have no heart to do anything. Just keep thinking about the trip.
Then, BLINK!!!! An idea!
Why don't i take a flight from KL to Penang? So, Airasia is my only choice. POOFF!!
Hoyeah! There are a few flights that day. I can even choose which one I want. Fiqs help me to book the flight tickets and print it out plus web check in. I grab my bag that i packed for balik kampung for Hari Raya put some clothes for Sunday, then put on my tudung. Grab the camera, my wallet. Check! There are few RM. Ok. enough till I land in Penang. hehe. grab the tickets.
Close the door, Fiqs drove me to Skudai bus. I asked for the bus that depart ASAP. And yes, Cepat Express is just otw from Larkin. 11.15 am, I already on the bus to KL and alhamdulillah I manage to arrive Penang on time. =)
Really enjoy the short moments with my family.

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