Sunday, March 27, 2011

its me again.

one more week to go..
one more week to stay at home..
one more week to spend at school..
one more week to be with students and teachers..
one more week to enjoy the happiness here in Perlis..


i'm afraid to say that..
one more week to do all the assignments..
one more week to do the ROS reports..
one more week for essayS..
one more week for booklet..
one more week for presentationS..
one more week for assignmentS..
one more week for log bookS..
one more week for lesson planS..

just one week..
there are three essays which at least 10 pages each..
there is one booklet to be done in group..
there are few presentations that I even dont remember what are they..
there are lots of assignments that need to be done..
there are 2 or 3 lesson plans need to be done and revise..
there are lots more work to do..
but yet I still typing here...
not in WORD or even POWERPOINT..
im not wasting my time..
i just try to find new ideas..
and i dont waste my time..
im doing this in my 'leisure' time..


p/s: my dear frens who will be doing KPLI prepare! but I really enjoy being there except all those 'xpenting' thingy...>:-!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

salam syaza

kpli for physics teacher kn?do u still u textbook yg mse degree dl?which textbook yer?thanks..i love read ur entry..such an inspiration n preparation for me

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