Tuesday, July 15, 2008

when all this thing will stop??!

here comes new semester of first year in Victoria University of Wellington...suppose to have a better life than before..but seems all goes wrong..there is still no mood for stdy... i still need a break..a lot of break..from all sort of things that makes me feel uncomfy..i need to forget everything happens in last sem..but can i??? i still cant forget the only thing that makes me feel so sad...i dunno y cant stop thinking bout that..i should be another syaza..the real different syaza now..the one yg much2 strong than before..the one that can terime kenyataan..let bygone be bygone..stop thinking bout that..tikah kte..u deserve someone better..look forward..hurmmm....yups...i will be strong..strong enaf to face it..jgn igt kenangan lalu..truskan hidup dengan harapan...bahagia da kt depan...jgn lupe doa kt ALLAH...DIA lebih tahu...wut is the best for me...just pray for HIS bless...now is the tyme to let it go...focus on stdy..that is the most important thing i should go for..have a nice semester then~

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