Friday, July 18, 2008

~LurveLY PhySiCs~

halo..halo...halo...this week is my tyme posting my blog..hahaha...there are a lot of article i read n post on my blog to share with u all...hope u enjoy all those~
this time i want ot share with u guys bout physics..heheh..maybe all of u guys dont really love it..but not for me..muaHAhaHA..last tyme i do hate physics too0..because i dunno wut my teacher do taught me in class...hahaha...but then when i was in FOrm trying hard to love physics..but then i dont really love it because i love CHemistry more as the experiment is so my life journey is PHYSICS..i dunno y i accept this offer..because i dont really love it..muahaha...but that's all my past..start from now n forever..i will lopve physics the most..kui3...giler fake..but physics is interesting..for those yg stdy physics at uni should know how much interesting physics is...heheh...same goes to me n my frenz VIctoRIa UNi of WeLLIngton...ades..byknye merepek.actually i just want to share bout my tutorial class today..heheh...for physics..we having the tutorial class in lecture hall..with all the students there...for this semester..i will love this class.because during this class the lecture will demonstrate some experiment bout the topic taught during the week..all the experiment give me alot of ideas about wut happened in our gud to know all that..hehehe...for today..we are given a specky..hehe...nk tgk chye pelangi...bile tgk lampu pkai dat specky..nmpk pelangi left n right of that cntik~ bila lmpu besa yg mentol tuh..nmpk rainbow yg color sket je...but then we try with neon..the blue light look same as the red light...nice rite...other than lecturer show that we ourselves can be anthenna...hahaha...there are alot more i've learnt through this class...n i even feel that it was a short class...because it is sooooo interesting..hahaha...hope i will not miss friday class~~

~here goes some pix in class today~

huhh...too long rite...i think better stop here..chiow~

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