Friday, May 23, 2008

~final exam is coming~

huhuhu...there's still a few dayz for my preparation for my final exam..huhuh..but then i am not that much hardworking to go for stdy..huhuhu...dat sound bad rite?huhuhu...excelly..i feel so bored being doing all sort of esaimen..huhuh...even da final exam is just around da corner..i still busy with sick of it..huhuh...that makes me feel wanna go home..n sumtimes im thinking bout quit this down..tersangatlah down..with the only paper yg memburukkn my result...n dat only subject make me feel so bad..n so lazy to do anything..huhuhu...hope..i will have kesedaran dri in this short tyme..n will no longer waste my tyme..hahahha...thats sound really funny..huhuhuh..after all...hope everything will be fine....chow~

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