Thursday, January 9, 2014

next phase of LIFE.

Start my new year with new status. A WIFE to my lovely encik Buncit. =)
done with akad nikah on 6 December, reception on my side on 7 December and his side on 9 December. What a relief. Everything went well.. very well.. million thanks to those really work hard to make my day a very special and most memorable day of the year 2013. A nice ending to the year of 2013. A year that bring a lot of memorable thing, start with merisik, bertunang and a very happy ending, nikah and reception. Woowww!!!

Done with kenduri, we're off to Bali. Honeymoon time and a good time for us to know each other. Have a very good time enjoying ourselves there and the best part this is the first time for my hubby to travel overseas and he chose me to be his travel guide. He trust me, alhamdulillah. =) A good start rite?
*big smile*

but now…..
its time to work hard…. and terpisah!!! Very bad for us but I just put my trust in Allah to protect our relationship. Hope there is nothing bad happen between us. And much much hope that we will stay together soon… Rindu-rinduan dulu la awal2 kawin ni org ckp… And I was given such a big huge patience to face this critical condition. Allah knows best.

There is always a silver lining behind every dark clouds. Just pray and put ur trust in Allah.

And yeayyyyyy!!!
He is coming this weekend. Can't wait for tomorrow. Friday..Friday..Friday…=))
Bertungkus lumus kemas rumah sekarang!!!
It's a good exercise too, Syaza.. I must do it, very well.
It's time to make ur husband proud of urself.
And love u more. =)

so, off ur lagha things, start doing ur job now so that u can kemas ur house balik nanti. No more Facebook today. Buat RPT Fizik bg siap!!

before that, here goes some pictures of the wedding. =)
mas kawin




pelamin sdn bhd

Photo Booth + candy bar

d.i.y board

baby pinjam

bilik pengantin =)

bajet princess

sanding on his side

makan time

sweet nice cake

suka ria

backbone of the wedding <3 td="">

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