Monday, February 8, 2010


Last week i only have Sunday to be with my family...sbb SABTU sekolah ganti for CNY..huhu..suppose my family went out to the very special place for our lunch on SATURDAY but yet as my mum would come back late on that day..we have to postponed it to SUNDAY...
anyway..that place was not a 'HOTEL LIMA BINTANG'or wut-so-ever called high class tempat makan..
it just very simple yet sgt memuaskan...
TEmpat yg my DAD sgt banggakan dulu...and now even my adek2 pon SANGAT LIKE that KUALA SANGLANG,KEDAH...=)
tempat yang sangat xcantik..
~not well decorated~
~bau macam pasar ikan~
~nothing look special in the appearance~
~makanan yang SUPER SEDAP!!!
~hanya serve SUPER SIMPLE FOOD!!
~kari ikan kembung a.k.a ikan temenung yg sgt SUPERB!!

Tempat makan tuh just like a small house yang ada dapur and open 'lounge'~(^_^)~
mmg best sbb makanan dia sgt fresh...the main dish is kari ikan..but yet u can order prawns if u want..they will buy it from the 'pelantar' depan tuh...can u imagine how FRESH it is...

it just SIMPLE yet SANGAT BEST!!!

try la then u will know it~~(^_^)~~

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